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Two Clownfish. -Anemone Fish-Premnasbiaculeatus.  Spined Cheek Anemone Fish in anemone.  They are hermaphrodites protected by mucus coating on their bodies which is why they will never get stung by anemones.  They use the anemones for protection from predators.  Photo taken in S. Sulawesi, Indonesia
Photographer:  Laurie Cava
Dwarflion.jpg (46944 bytes)
Dwarf Lion Fish-Dendrochiras. Beautiful but will sting you if you touch it!!  Photo taken in S. Sulawesi, Indonesia, Lembach Strait.
Photographer:  Laurie Cava
frogfish.jpg (36453 bytes)
Frog Fish- Need additonal information. Photo taken in Sulawesi, Indonesia-Lemach Strait.
Photographer:  Laurie Cava

Jacks H6 Cava.jpg (23008 bytes)

School of Jacks- Photo taken in Sipidan Island, Borneo, Malaysia
Photographer:  Laurie Cava


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